Social Projects

Inspiring Hope, Driving Progress

Social projects are initiatives that aim to address social issues, improve the quality of life, and promote positive change in communities.

eKore’s social projects focus on education: Initiatives that improve access to education and educational resources.

Our education based social projects address different categories :

Social projects can have a significant impact on individuals, communities, and society as a whole. They can:

To ensure the success of social projects, it's essential to:

By supporting and participating in social projects, we contribute to positive social change, improve lives, and create a better future for all.


Social Projects_2

CSR project – Deployed Remote Learning Platform in Colleges & Schools to cope with the demand for virtual classes during the COVID 19 situation

Social Projects2

Project for creating employment in Facility Management Sector for Women in India - A Pilot of DISHA supported by IKEA foundation, IDF, Xynteo and UNDP for Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL)

CSR project for Mindtree - Employer on-boarding program across the state

Social Projects 5

CSR project for Mindtree - Counselling Program for unemployed youth across the state

Placement Linked Skill Development project as part of State Government scheme